About Me


I'm a software Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience developing high performing mobile apps and games. I've been actively programming for mobile platform since 2007 and with a results driven experience of leading and executing projects from conception till launch.

With expertise in creating Reusable Object Oriented Siftware I have programmed for some of the top rated apps of Apple Appstore, and follows modern/clean coding practices. I believe in creating a scalable, well designed and robust code base for Software Applications for minimising the effort and development time required for future product updates.

I am passionate about Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technology and currently also pursuing a dual degree of PGD and MSc in AI-ML degree from IIIT Bangalore and LJMU UK. My expected of completion of PGD in AI-ML is October 2020 and MSc in AI-ML is April 2021.

 I can be reached anytime via my cell phone at +91 8886771313 or via email at sharatkumarck@gmail.com regarding any job opportunities.

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