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While it is natural to aim for developing apps that offer a seamless user experience coupled with visually compelling UI, it is also equally important to have a scalable and well designed app architecture built upon Robust code base.


Prolonged ignorance/Delayed attention to above aspects development increases the production cost for future app updates and in worst cases sending out a hot fix after every major product update becomes a thing of common.


Hence it goes without saying


“Beautiful Inside

“Beautiful Outside"

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About Me


Hello there! I'm deeply immersed in the world of technology. My journey spans over 13 years, where I've passionately honed my craft in software development and specialised in architecting Generative AI applications. Currently, I'm a Software Architect at Square Panda Inc, overseeing the development of educational software products.

My professional trajectory began in 2007, and since then, I've been deeply involved in the mobile app and gaming sphere, consistently delivering high-performing solutions. Over the years, I've led projects right from their inception to successful launches, harnessing my expertise in creating reusable, object-oriented software. Contributing to top-rated apps in the Apple App Store has been a rewarding part of this journey, as I uphold modern coding practices to craft scalable, well-designed, and robust codebases.

I aim is to innovate, architect, and craft software solutions that not only meet today's standards but also pave the way for the future.

Outside of work, I find joy in a couple of hobbies:

Photography has become a newfound passion of mine. Whether it's capturing cherished moments of family gatherings and festive occasions or exploring nature's beauty during travels and outings with friends, I love the art of photography. Portraits fascinate me, allowing me to capture the essence of individuals, while landscapes offer a way to freeze the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Another interest of mine lies in collecting miniature Indian stamps. Although I wouldn't call myself a Philatelist, I'm captivated by the art and stories encapsulated in these tiny stamps. Each one holds a unique tale and artistic expression that I find truly intriguing.

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