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Sharatkumar Chilaka

Developer  |  Possibilian  |  Seeker

Solid success leading and developing a broad range of applications for Mobile platforms, from conception to launch.

Career Timeline

A brief description of my Professional Career and Work-Experience

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About Me
Career Timeline
  • Programming new features for Square Tales (Unity Game)

  • Solely developed a C# module (Adapter) that is responsible for communication between game and backend servers via REST API.

  • Contributed towards the development of Square Panda SDK (iOS library)

  • Implemented features such as Screen Sharing, Video Streaming, Speech Analysis, and Text to Speech functionality in the AITutor pilot project.

  • Contributed to the development of the company’s fitness band app.

  • Re-engineered the Bluetooth module

  • Added background mode support for the data sync process

  • Developed Today Extension widget

  • Recreated entire UI via Storyboards and XIB’s

  • Handled Apple Appstore build submission process

  • Worked on porting projects i.e converting games developed for iOS platform to support EAMT engine (Objective C to C++).

  • Worked on in iOS Live services team.

  • Worked as a senior programmer in the Tetris Blitz team and implemented various gameplay and UI features. Also revamped the Audio engine which was developed on legacy code.

  • Two times winner of EA Hackathon (game development competition)

Solely programmed below games

  1. Turbo Cricket (ranked #no 2 on Indian App Store)

  2. Bat Bat Challenge

  3. LA Traffic Mayhem

  • Solo programmed and released Jungly Jump on Apple Appstore in 2010 in partnership with MEDL MOBILE

  • Jungly Jump is a casual game with 150+ levels and had features such as OpenFeint(Leaderboards) and FB sharing.

  • The game also got featured in the new and noteworthy section of Apple Appstore.

  • Worked on the new game and porting projects for the Brew platform.

  • Programmed complete UI and audio feature for MovinMaze3d project.

  • Programmed core mechanics and several gameplay elements for the Mercury Meltdown project.


Product Portfolio

Significant projects of my career

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