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Sharatkumar Chilaka


Developer  |  Possibilian  |  Seeker

Sharatkumar Chilaka

Software Architect | Mobile | Gen AI

Solid success leading and developing a broad range of applications for Mobile platforms, from conception to launch, while also pioneering and architecting innovative Generative AI apps for diverse functionalities.


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Hi! I'm Sharatkumar from Mumbai, India, and I am a Software Architect at Square Panda Inc. I manage the development of educational software for mobile platforms and also engaged in AI-based educational product research.


Since 2007, I've been involved in mobile app and game development projects, delivering high-performance solutions and contributing to top-rated apps on the App Store and Play Store. I lead projects from inception to launch, focusing on creating reusable, object-oriented software. I encourage teams to adopt modern programming practices and aim to develop robust, well-designed, and scalable code. My goal is to design software that meets current standards and anticipates future needs. You can find more details about my professional work experience here.

In my free time, I like to share my knowledge via my tech blog section hereI am also passionate about photography and I like to capture family moments and nature landscape shots. Please visit my photography section here. Additionally, I also enjoy collecting Indian miniature postage stamps. These stamps are special as each one tells a unique story and showcases artistic expression.

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